4x Eternal Specs

Hi again!

It's been a while, welcome back!

The holiday season is bearing down on us, and Magic card prices are puffing up and popping.  There's a ton to catch up on in the world of MTG Finance since my last post, but you're here for the specs, right?  So:

 Thieve's Auction has two printings, and both are pre-Modern.  This is a Commander bomb, asleep for well over a decade due to an out-of-reach casting cost.  This thing is bigger than it should be, which makes it perfect for EDH.

These are headed to $3 apiece in the next few months, and I would not be surprised to see these hit $6 apiece before the end of 2017.  You can still find these for $0.50 apiece in select 'bins' online.  Eat up.

Scourglass is a simple combo-Wrath.  Low demand (specific deck type required) has kept this as long-term Commander spec.  Kaladesh's riot of artifacts and current focus on Commander is popping this well over bulk.  

I expect non-Foils to settle around $3 in the next few months, with a likely price of $5 apiece in a year or two.  Foils are likely to settle around $8 for a few months after the current spike, but have eyes for the $12-$15 price point by next Fall.

Freayalise, Llanowar's Fury will only be reprinted in Commander, which is once per year, and it didn't happen this year.

This is going the way of Teferi, Temporal Archmage (which spiked from $10 to $20 a week or two ago).  Freyalise will similarly jump from $10 to $20 within a week or two, and have legs thereafter, though I doubt any of these Planeswalker Commanders will ever break $30 apiece.  They'll be back in 2017 Commander sets, I reckon (they reprinted Daretti, Scrap Savant in Commander 2016, e.g.).

Anger of the Gods is a Modern staple.  Dredge hates this card, and Dredge is all the rage.  Foils recently ripped upwards to $20 apiece.  Non-foils will be an easy $4 apiece by April 2017, and quite possibly $6 apiece.  Foils are headed to $30 each within the next few months, and have excellent long-term prospects.

Well, that's it for today.  This is just the tip of the 'berg, so expect these updates more regularly, check back often!



p.s. stay tuned to Urza.com for the imminent premiere of my new blog, "The Fabricator", where I share and discuss Magic: the Gathering cards of my own design and creation.  It's going to be great fun!

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