Alpha, Beta, Legends, etc... the pillars erupt!

Old, staple cards across the board are popping, tripling, octupling in price in a matter of days.  The pace is unprecedented.

Here's a very recent example.  Gloom has been stable in prices for... decades.  It's great now for lots of reasons, but it was great from the get-go because, well... fuck Serra Angels.

 Then, it boils up for a month or so, then pops overnight....

Alarming... This is not an isolated incident.  The Alpha version (Beta is shown) also spiked at the same time, in the same way.

Gloom has been reprinted a lot, back in the early days of magic.  It's classic and overpowered hate.  Exquisite sideboard.  Alpha and Beta copies hold a real premium.  The other copies of Gloom are not trending upwards; they are flatlining at best.  If you play Gloom, you get an old inky, black-bordered copy.  

This is true across the board: people want the oldest, inkiest, rarest version of the cards they use in their decks.  This isn't new.  What is new is that the scale of demand has outstripped the static supply with a discontinuous outcome.  

I think the popularity of the Commander format, with legality that is quite similar to Vintage, is causing the explosion of the old prices for these cards.  This is across the board, key players are exploding under the weight of new adoption into the Commander format.  93/94 format is certainly also playing a role, but I suspect it is a smaller one.

The continued growth of the game and the fidelity of the storytelling keeps the old cards relevant.  Iconic and broken cards are seeing pressure.  

...and speaking of that feathery old tart, ye Olde vanilla Icon Serra Angel just made her first bowel movement in living memory:

This is the Unlimited version.  Repeat for effect: Unlimited Serra Angels!  I am just aghast and delighted at this.  I don't think this is a bubble, I think this is a breakout.  And I don't mean a breakout of Serra Angels, I mean a breakout of Magic: the Gathering.  Unlimited Edition pickups might be the greatest proportional gainers from the movement that these spikes imply. 

If you buy a single card today for investment purposes, make it a Beta Serra Angel for around $40, for it is about to spike upwards to $80-$100 within a couple weeks:


Alpha Serra Angels are sitting around $80 and will probably cruise to $150 within a few months.  You should be buying any cards that are good deals from Alpha, Beta, Legends, Antiquities, The Dark and Arabian Nights you can find.  

I mean it.  Pile in.  Black borders without dates on the bottom.  Eat em up.

...and don't be so Gloomy.



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