Avaricious Dragon! ...a classic alley-oop


I've loved this card since printing and I've been looking for an entry point for long-term speculation.  Lean, mid-range power that keeps burn decks alive late-game.  It also has some significant potential for comboing (Sundial of the Infinite and Madness).

Magic Origins is legal in Standard until Fall 2016, when it rotates out with Dragons of Tarkir.  

Madness is making a return in Shadows over Innistrad (next month).  Avaricious Dragon is a powerhouse in conjunction with cheap or free Madness costs!  

This was a bit of a head-scratcher when it was released, as it didn't seem to pair with much of anything in Standard at the time.  But here comes Madness, at the end of Avaricious Dragon's lifetime in Standard.  Ahhhh... classic Wizards alley-oop!

Avaricious Dragon has seen essentially no Standard play up until this point and he's only a fringe Modern combo piece.  Consequently, prices right now are criminally low.  This is poised, with the printing of the right cards in Shadows over Innistrad, to quickly become a Standard staple.  These stack really, really well (the drawback DOES NOT stack whereas the extra draw DOES stack) and will consequently be used as a 4-of.  Ding ding ding!

Foils are just this side of $5 apiece right now, yet I can see these as an easy $20+ apiece long-term if Madness finds an archetype in Modern, and $15+ apiece short/mid-term due to Standard demand on the horizon due to both the return of Madness and the usual boost to fast burn archetypes during block rotations.

Non-foils under $2 are a great buy: these will spike to $5 apiece within the next couple months, and I'm expecting Buylist prices of around $5 within a few months.

What's not to love here?  This is my favorite "Standard" spec in some time.



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