Blasted Landscape!


Today's card will never be improved upon (in its niche).  It's not flashy, but it gets the job done with versatility.  Further, the new true-colorless mana (wastes) mechanics pumps up the demand for lands that produce true colorless.

Blasted Landscape was reprinted, for the first time, in Commander 2015.  Presumably, Wizards saw the price bubbling up on this card, which is indicative of demand, and saw fit to include this in a new release.  Good call, Wizards. 

The Urza's Saga copies will likely always command a premium for this card, but that premium will diminish over time (within 6 months, it will be a modest differential).  Right now, these sit around $1.00 and will climb, probably, to around $2 or so within a year (more is possible, but not likely).  Nothing too exciting here.

But wait for it.

The new Commander 2015 art is identical to the original printing, same rarity also.  No changes were made with this reprinting, which means that they should be effectively fungible in the long-term.

So this is the exciting bit: The Commander copies can be had for under $0.25 apiece! right now, as now is the bottom of the post-print price-dip.  These will probably climb to $1.50 or so within a year.  The differential between the two printings right now is really quite staggering, and we can see from the Urza's Saga price (above) that the reprinting (the downward fall from the highest peak) has been absorbed and even overtaken by demand already.

There exist only non-foil Blasted Landscapes.   Grab a big hunk of Commander 2015 copies.



BONUS PICKS: Cycling could easily come back one day.  For that reason, I like a few Fluctuators as a long-term pick.  Same goes for buyback and Memory Crystals.  These have no current upwards pressure, but keep an eye out for the return of these mechanics (I could see a Commander with a buyback or cycling mechanic).

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