Boundless Realms!

Boundless Realms was just about bulk a few months ago, so these can be had in trades as throw-ins, or in $1.00 bins, etc, if you act fast.

This is a lot like Scapeshift (a $20 Morningtide rare).  

Single printing from a few years back, no previous price spike, has small-scale but wide-range playability as part of a few wicked combos and even as a final ramp for pretty much any green deck.  I like this with Amulet of Vigor.  Obviously is being stoked in part by the return of landfall mechanics in Battle for Zendikar.

I'd prefer FOILs over non-FOILs at or under $5 apiece right now.  I can see this as a $12 FOIL by late Spring 2016.  Non-FOILs will eventually bump to $3 or so, but it'll be slower, as most of the movement so far has been in the non-FOIL price; the FOIL has not fully adjusted to even an immediate plateau in the non-FOIL price, which will pull speculation demand off of the non-FOIL (this is an interesting point, that will be discussed at length in some later article, namely:  the push-pull dynamism of the FOIL/NON-FOIL prices of the same card).



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