Cemetery Reaper! (Lords don't stay bulk... part 2)

As we saw a couple of weeks back with Grand Architect: Lords don't stay bulk! 

This is not the best Zombie lord, but he's slightly more versatile than yer typical Lord, he's good enough for a Modern Zombie build, and undoubtedly wrecks many kitchen-table-tops.

Zombies have seen some increased attention from the recent duel deck and Shadows over Innistrad's zombie theme.  They're a timeless clan right on the edge of being a "real thing" in Legacy and Modern.  

Two main printings (M10 and M12), both pre-renaissance, and a small-batch printing (same art) in Archenemy.  Low supply, but large enough to have obscured real demand for this long.

Plus the Foils are the same price as the Non-Foils right now, yet there are no PROMO foil printings.  This is often a red-flag for a great long-term pick-up.  This means casual demand, which means a solid demand base (not a buy-out.... yet).

Get a playset of foils at $3.00 apiece.  At least.




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