Chainer's Edict!

Chainer's Edict has three printings, two of which are Foils.  So there is only a single non-Foil printing for Chainer's Edict, and that's the original Torment printing.

So unlike most picks, I am suggesting you go with the non-Foils; get these under $1.50 apiece.  These will easily spike past $3.00 in short order, and they could easily jump up to $5.00 apiece within 6 months.   Torment is dang old, and was not a blockbuster set.  

However, the FTV: 20 Foil, with unique art and unique foiling process, are a good pickup around $4 or less and are showing similar movement.  This printing has the most potential to really pop, so grab some of these.

This card does seem a little vulnerable to a printing of a strictly-better version (the flashback cost is large), and certainly also to a reprint (we'll flashback to Flashback at some point...)  So for that reason I would try to move these out within a year or two: these are short-to-mid-term pickups.



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