Counterbalance, Shatterstorm, Hideaway Lands, Shock Lands, Cranial Extraction

I grabbed a foil version for $30 last week.  Already worth $60.  Tip: Legacy staples that resurge in popularity will see a very high foil:regular card price ratio, in large part because serious Legacy players spend a lot of money on their decks and want the maxed-out foil version moreso than for less expansive (and expensive) formats.

the reprinted RtR shocklands are about to start their long ascent (I don't foresee reprinting en masse for at least 8 years).  I plan to grab a few more playsets of those that I don't already own.  

These have been treading water around 7-8 dollars for about a year now, everyone is waiting for them to start rocketing up after they go out of print (which I believe they are, now).  As soon as they hit a solid $10 apiece, they will start jumping by whole dollar amounts in single days, I can see them 'snapping' to $15 each within a few weeks, $20 each within a few months.  

For some reason, the oldest versions of staple classic cards that still see play (like Shatterstorm) are later to rise in price than more recent reprints.  Part of the reason, in this case, could be due to archaic term "Bury" on this card, which means "Destroy without the possibility of regeneration".  Anyway, this is the best artifact board wipe they will ever print in red, I suspect, and the old stockpiles have started to dry up.

I own about 40 now, got them for $0.25-$0.50 apiece.

All 5 of this cycle are percolating hard.  I will be buying more.


Woah.  I've had my eye on these, but only own one.  At this point I think I'm willing to drop $5 each.

That's all for now, happy investing!



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