Day's Undoing!

Everybody just about shit their pants when this was spoiled for Magic Origins.  It was pre-selling at a whopping $20 apiece.  It was garnering obvious comparisons to Timetwister.

Day's undoing has made hardly a splash at all in Standard, but it's seeing serious brewing in Eternal Formats, especially Modern and Legacy, where Timetwister and Wheel of Fortune are both banned.

The power here is obviously in the draw for yourself (if you're at 0 cards), but it's also in the draw for your opponent in a draw-death strategy (Underworld Dreams, Ob Nixilis Reignited's emblem...).

I think the recent upswing in price is a combination of long-term speculation and Eternal demand which has been bolstered by the buzz caused by Eternal Masters. I think the market is still limited for Day's Undoing, and the near-term ceiling is likely around $5, but I suspect non-Foils to climb to $8 apiece within 2-3 years, and I don't foresee a reprint for a long time, if ever. 

For every reason, Foils are your best long-term spec here. You can get these at $10 apiece right now. Next-stop is $20, and the mid-term to long-term tendency to go higher is quite pronounced.



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