Deserted Temple! is this card still $6?

Deserted Temple is a 2nd-generation powerhouse from the fledgling years of Magic.  So very much like Rishadan Port (but much more fun, less dick).  So very much like Candelabra of Tawnos (less broken but free to play). And, somehow, 1/20th and 1/80th the price of those cards, respectively.

No drawback.  Straight Power.  You can see in the price graph below, the tinder is stacked and dry.  If this card sees play on camera untapping a Gaea's Cradle or something... boom.

This was a forgotten card before the spike in 2013.  There was no excuse for the price tag beforehand, and it's pretty clear that there's no excuse for the $6.00 price it fetches now.  It begs to be stacked.  It's a rare from an arcane old set, pre-Modern.  It will rebreak any broken land.  

The momentum in the graph indicates that the existing demand will likely spike this to $12-$15 within a few months, then, after a bottom of about $10: forever upwards on Commander, Legacy and even Vintage demand.  A third spike in 2017 will likely take us to $20 for non-foils.  Only at that point would I seriously worry about a reprint. 

Foils are already $25-$30.  I see them at $100 within 2 years.  I don't foresee a foil reprint, ever.  Deserted Temple is just too simple/good to put back into Standard, so the only option I foresee would be some weird set like Conspiracy (and, even then... well, have you looked at the prices of the foil Conspiracy cards?)

I would say pile in hard on these.  Worst case, a Commander reprint as a 1-of per deck.  And as a powerhouse forgotten card, a supplementay-product reprint may well increase the price.

Sales may not be brisk, but the percentages will be very good and they will age like wine.  



p.s.   Is it the name of this card that keeps people away?  What other self-effacing, potentially under-priced power cards exist in Magic?



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