Desolate Lighthouse... Modern's Bazaar of Baghdad

Ok, so this is no Bazaar of Baghdad.  It requires Blue and Red, costs more to activate, and is a smaller effect.  But a $700 price cap doesn't worry me.

This is a long-term sleeper if there ever was one.  It was obviously not going to show short-term financial promise, but is obviously an incremental powerhouse for control and delve decks. This will behave much like Gavony Township, previously featured in The Speculator, and now a $4.00 card after a couple years hanging just above bulk. 

This is one of my favorite kinds of investments in Mtg, an unobtrusive power player with little to no Standard appeal, therefore no price history to which players may refer (once demand outpaces supply and price climbs, as usually happens a few years out of print). I've had my eyes on Desolate Lighthouse for a while now for these reasons, and now is the time to pull the trigger.  It sees play in Modern decks primarily (it simply can't compete with Bazaar).

FOILs are obtainable around $8.00, they spiked back in March of this year and have deflated and started inflating again.  This is always a good sign, and usually happens in FOIL first, for casual demand.  I would not be at all surprised if FOILs fetch $25-$35 in 2 years' time.  However, NON-FOILs can be scooped up in bulk bins right now, online for well under $1.00 apiece. I see these jumping to $3 within 6 months. So, unlike many of my pics, I am currently suggesting NON-FOILS as your best bet. 



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