Diamond Valley! ...merry Christmas?

I had a Diamond Valley back in the early 2000s, a beat up old beaut, one of the gems of my collection. I sold it, along with a bunch of other really good stuff, in a mall parking lot, for nearly full retail value, but still.  Oy, the tradegy! 

In order to say:  Diamond Valley has been on my radar for years now, and the signals have been getting more and more obvious; they're crying out now, and they're saying "last chance, bub":


I am treating myself to a modestly or heavily played copy arounds mah birthday!, hopefully for $90 or so (it's a couple weeks, they're are still a few left out there)

These are on the Reserved List.  This card is a case where you bet on it if you're confident in the future of mtg, as it sees no real competitive play, but is a longtime favorite and borderline Power, capital P.   Near Mint copies will be $250 by May 2015, and the sky is the limit on these. 

Medium yield, Low Risk, Medium-Long term.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


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