Dromoka's Command

Dromoka's Command is a powerhouse card that will see play in Eternal formats.  

It was already a release promo, and then saw a recent clash pack reprint.  It will likely see another reprint one day, but I think it's safe for a couple years.

Green/White +1/+1 counters is growing in Standard, and I think this card has the potential to reach its previous heights while still in Standard.  It still has over a year left in Standard.

Original foils under $10.00 and any copies under $3.00 are a goog pickup.  (For some inspiration, check out yesterday's spike on Atarka's Command, now a $12.00 rare).





11 days after this posting,

11 days after this posting, Dromoka's Command median price (tcgplayer.com) is $7.46, up from $3.75 in the original post. Still climbing, but rounding over. Could see other upswings. Keep an eye out. This has a future in Modern and Legacy.

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