Eldrazi accouterments blow up! ...grab some All is Dust

The last two days has seen the explosive growth of Eldrazi Temple and Eye of Ugin.  Both saw reprints in Modern Masters 2015 and both were at what seemed the the bottom of their price troughs, with some modest regrowth.  Continuous and now pent-up demand for these cards, and the advent of new Eldrazi builds and recent successes in both Standard and Modern, broke the dam here.  Eldrazi temple (mm2015 uncommon) jumped from $2.00 to $5.00+, and Eye of Ugin jumped from $5.00 to an unprecented $20.00.

I speculated on Eye of Ugins long ago, got about 30 of them around $4.00 apiece, back after Worldwake came out.  I ended up doing pretty well on them, sold all of them for an average of probably $8.00 apiece.  I unloaded the last of them as the MM2015 spoiler came out.

Frankly, I was taken by surprise at this burst in prices here.  I did not fully understand the dynamics at play here, given the fact that the resurgence of the Eldrazi was premiered right after Modern Masters 2015.  This teaches us several things.

The first is that the flavor and inclusions in both reprint and standard sets can forebode the flavor and even content of releases to come. I, for one, foresee a lot of leonin, cat-people bullshit in an upcoming set or block (along the lines kithkin played prominently in Lorwyn and Morningtide). This was pointed out to me by my brother, Mishra, scoundrel though he may be: Daybreak Coronet's MM2015 artwork feature's a Hogwortian Leonin prominently.  

Dayvreak Coronet is a classic, powerful Modern card with lots of room to regrow, I think Wizards chose this new art for a reason...

So what profit can we make from these Eldrazi movements?  Well, the first thing to look for is associated cards that might be late to the party.  

First to your mind should be "All is Dust", the Eldrazi-esque mass removal that was ALSO reprinted in MM2015.  It was healthy around $15 before the reprint, and they're now climbing past $5.00 apiece, and I think we're looking at $12.00-$15.00 apiece after the coming movement evident in the data shown below.  These are easy money:



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All charts courtesy of mtgstocks.com.