Elemental Mastery!


Elemental Mastery does what Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Splinter Twin does, more of less.  It's less complete than those cads, but it requires only one red mana, and it's a backup method to achieve the end-game of decks using Kiki and Twin.  It will see continued casual demand as long as those decks are major players in their formats (Modern).  Further printing of creatures that make Elemental Mastery a counterpart for a two-card infinite combo will continue to press the price upwards.

FOILs already saw a price spike and the demand seems to be mostly casual, so I think you're best bet for proportional gains right now are with non-FOILs.  Get FOILs at or below $6.00 each, scoop up non-FOILs at or below $2.50 each. 




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