Eternal picks for January!

Happy 2017!

First up: Inexorable Tide is not bulk anymore, on the back of the new Commander du jour: Atraxa, Praetors' Voice (she is responsible for a whole host of recent spikes, actually). This card has always been a slow burn - proliferate hardly mattered back when this was first printed.  Critical Mass has been achieved with Atraxa.  I think this ends up behaving a bit like Sanguine Bond did when it first caught on back before the first reprint (Sanguine Bond was $10 once upon a time, remember?)  What I love about this spec is that this card just saw a reprint BEFORE it caught on with Atraxa... built-in robustness for future reprints!


Foils have more or less landed up at $12 each, they're not moving much for a year or two from that price. Non-foils are just now seeing a tripling to quadrupling in price, from $1.00 to $3.00+ within the next few days.  Non-Foils are straggling (underpriced) Foils are your best bet here.  This is a legit spike.

Next up is Return to Dust, originally printed in Time Spiral and two years since its last Commander reprint.  This will see more reprints, but most likely in Commander products.  Foils have not moved in a couple years, even after an uptick in the play of this card in Eternal formats.  The movement you see below is not just recovery from

Next up is a weirdo Reserve List rare from Mirage: Shimmer.  I had never seen this card before, the data drew me to it sight unseen.  Clearly powerful combo material, plus very potent control that scales to multiplayer very well.  I think Commander is boosting this, plus Reserve List status.  These will spike to $4 apiece within the next few weeks and months, but will likely find a plateau around $3.  This will behave a bit like Infernal Darkness (Ice Age).  In 5 years?  Who knows... but they'll be bulk for another couple days at most...

And, finally, Puresteel Paladin is headed from $5 for $8 over the next couple months, and likely to $12 by the end of 2017, unless we see a reprint in Modern Masters 2017.  But even if he finds his way into MM17, he'll probably be Rare, and fall back to $4 or so, worst case (he would be given card support in the set if reprinted, so overall interest in his decks will burgeon).  Foils are your better bet, they're headed from $10 to $20 and will likely find $30 long-term if they're not over-reprinted.  These will get more broken as time goes on.  This is better than Argothian Enchantress in my book, and that classic blue-chip was just Eternal Master-ed at Mythic, so who knows...

That's it for today.  

Take it easy, folks.


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