Exotic Orchard!

Exotic Orchard's demand grows as multiplayer demand grows. 

A single reprinting in a low-print set (Planechase) that has seen other crazy and explosive price rebounds.  The story here just looks like Casual Demand breaking Supply's back after long application.

I called this as a long-term pickup back in May 2014, but the real movement is about to happen.  

Within the next month or two, non-foil Exotic Orchards will be spike to $8, then fall to a stable $4-$5.  Foils will jump from $6 to $20, then fall to $12 within the same time frame.

I think a reprint is extremely likely, but I'd be surprised if it happened within the year.  It will most likely be reprinted in a supplemental product, which favors Foils specs.

I would go with the a lot of Planeschase non-foils around $2 and at least a playset of NM Conflux Foils around $5.



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