Fellwar Stone!

Fellwar Stone was recently reprinted in Commander 2015, which caused its introduction to a whole new generation of Magic players, while hardly changing the availability (it's an uncommon from several old, heavily printed sets).  The original The Dark printing has started spike-percolating, but I think its yet to really pop.

Wish I had jumped in on these a few months back.  But there is still time. 

You can still find these around $1.00 apiece, under rocks and at the bottom of boxes.  Spend up to $2.00 each right now for black-bordered, original printings.  Act fast, these are an easy $5.00 apiece within a couple weeks.  I can see the original copy sitting around $10-$15 in a year or two.  9th Edition Foils popped over a year ago (it is the ONLY foil printing), and are due for a second price hike within a season or two.  Scoop up 5th, 4th and especially 9th Edition copies under $0.50 apiece as long-term, slow-gaining sure-bets.

This price movement is due to cumulative Commander demand finally breaking the back of the original printing.



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