Foil Gush!

Gush has just one FOIL printing, from Mercadian Masques.  All 3 printings (the other two are older duel decks) are trending pretty hard in non-Foil.  I think we'll see a second half of this ongoing spike in Non-Foils in a few months, bringing them to a solid $3.

The Foils have been hovering close to $20 forever.  A few weeks ago, the Foil price started showing some bobbing and tightening, and once they spike (which could still be a month away), they'll be headed to $50+.  I would not be all that surpised to see these at $100 apiece in several years. 

This is too broken to be reprinted into Standard, we've got 2 years before another Conspiracy (possible), 2 years before another Eternal Masters (quite possible), and a year until the next FTV product (a very low chance)... there is almost no chance that another Foil version of Gush is printed within the next 2 years.  That's an enormous window for growth on a card experiencing Vintage and Eternal demand.

Vintage staples don't mess around.  


and (below) the same with the Foil line added... if you look closely, you can see it starting to wake from it's long, long slumber... 



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