Footsteps of the Goryo and Protean Hulk!

Taking a break from my Modern Masters 2013 lookback series, I feel the need to write about this spiking COMBO.

Footsteps of the Goryo targeting Proean Hulk.  This combo must have recently gotten some air time at a Modern event, or been taking down some events, or just jumped into the zeitgeist.

This was a very low print-run set from ages ago.  Foils are sold out everywhere, and there are precious few non-foils left under $1.50.  

Get these fast, before they show up on more speculators' radar.

Protean Hulk is another timeless all-star.  He's at an all-time high, and I see him holding value better after the combo buzz dies down.

Grab these at or under $3.00, they're still climbing.  Foils are your best bet on both of these cards.



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