Gamble! ...a sure bet


Gamble is red's only real tutor.

Legacy and Commander demand.  Not sure if Vintage cares here, except perhaps in a mono-red combo deck. 

This is about to spike and then settle to a likely $50.

Reprint is not impossible.  If reprinted today, even at mythic, this would be toppled down to $5, or $10 at best.  I am keeping a single copy for play purposes and hoping to sell any specs into the coming spike, hopefully above $50.   Without a reprint this could see $100 in a few years (Grim Tutor, anyone?)

Find some copies around $25.  No Foils available.

Compare the graph before the spike, back in early 2014, with the graph right now: it's very self-similar, the main difference is that we're moving at a larger scale now.  

The first spike took us from $10 to a healthy $20.  This time we're going from $25 to a healthy $50.  We've also got more upward trajectory heading into the spike, so these may well be conservative speculations.

This is no gamble.



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