Ghost Quarter!


Welcome back!  My short hiatus is over and you can expect semi-daily updates to resume.

Today's card is Ghost Quarter!  It saw a reprint in Innistrad, Commander 2014, Commander 2015 and the 2015 Modern event deck.

Ghost quarter is this century's Wasteland.  If not for its four recent reprintings, we'd be looking at a $20 uncommon.  

The original Dissension printing, with its unique art, was the first to see the recent upswing in price.  I missed the boat on those.  Dissension Foils will one day fetch $100 apiece (they're climbing past $50 now).  The Innistrad/Commander artwork is far inferior to the original, but this card is played across the board in Modern and Commander, foraying into Legacy and Vintage.  In short order, the new art printings will be forced to match at least half the value of the Dissension printing, which is quickly looking like a $5.00 card.

The new true-colorless, or "waste", mana type boosts the importance on non-basic lands that produce true colorless (normal basics cannot produce true colorless mana).  This makes Ghost Quarter even more appetizing (it produces true colorless and kills non-basics). 

Innistrad Foils are climbing even faster than Dissension Foils, surging past $20 right now.  A few Innistrad Foils will be a good long-term pickup.

I am most interested in Non-Foil copies of one of the four recent reprintings.  You can still scoop these up for under $1.00 apiece, and all have price profiles that look just like the most recent reprinting shown below (Commander 2015).  I suspect that these non-Foils will settle around $3.00 apiece over the next few months, after spiking to $5.00.  These will be prime buy-list material, too, as they are a one-of per sealed package: there is no way to amass these without a private sale/buyout.   

This swing upwards looks like investors realizing that this card has a very strong future, we're at least 10 months from the next Commander reprint possibility, and they are perhaps unwittingly starting a buyout.  I would not be surprised to see Ghost Quarter spike in the next few days.

Get these right quick!



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