I've always had a soft spot for this Zombie Tree.

There's a lot of power here, but it's trapped in a casual, Timmy package.

Moves are being made on this card.  The original Innistrad set is seeing increased demand due to the name-associated "Shadows over Innistrad", which also boosted Modern Zombies.

Anyway, there's only a single printing, and the Foils are now the same price as the non-Foils.  This signifies casual demand.

I'm betting on Foils in the hope that this card catches fire in a Modern deck and spikes, sending the Foils to $5.00 or more (they're $1.00 apiece right now: this won't last long).  Long-term, I think $5.00 Foils are almost inevitable.

Non-Foils are walking on the lip of the bulk bin, and some people might unload them around $0.40 or so.  Buy those, too!




Foil Ghoultree

Ghoultree was an intro pack rare. The foil is the same as nonfoil, because there are a ton of extra foils floating around from his intro pack status.

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