Glen Elendra, Archmage! (part 2 of MM 2013, revisited)

The second in my series of lookbacks at original Modern Masters reprints.  

Glen Elendra Archmage is a no-brainer in Modern and Legacy Faerie deck.  It is complex enough to see new emerging synergies, but basic enough to be iron-clad against "strictly better" versions.  Faeries will likely be tier one for a long time.

This was cresting to $15 back when it saw the reprint hammer.  But as with most of these cards, the fact that the player base has grown, and the fact that they will see Eternal play for a long, long time, leads me to believe that this could reach $25 or so in a few years.  It looks like we're going to get a spike shortly, probably back to $15.00.  If you can get these under $10.00, they're an excellent medium-long term hold.




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