Hallowed Moonlight!


Hallowed Moonlight is a Magic Origins sideboard sleeper.

Foils around $5 are fantastic long-term pickups, the recent explosive non-Foil growth has not yet touched the Foils.  I think Foils spike to $15, then equilibrate to $12 within a week.

This reminds me of Rest in Peace.  This will see sideboards in all formats that run competitive token decks.  Tokens are a deck archetype that will further bloom with the release of new sets.  Eternal sideboard hate always debuts at a low price due to negligible Standard demand, so a truly far-seeing speculator would have grabbed a heap of these as a long-term hold many months ago.  

Non-Foils under $2 are good, but be wary: some of this demand is Standard demand, so keep on your toes about the price falling in a few months if Tokens are beat down as an untenable deck in Standard.  This is an excellent candidate to buylist in a month or so if you can grab a ream on the cheap ($1.75 or less apiece) and hope for a $3.50 buylist.  Innistrad looms this Spring, and we're sure to see Spirit and Vampire tokens again as Sorin likely comes back and bulks up the White/Black Modern token deck Wizards has been pushing for years, so expect Standard demand to continue to press on this card for at least another few months.

 It's too sleek and focused to be outclassed by some future synonym, and deals with an ever-growing concern in Eternal formats, so I'm banking on the long term, foil bet.  Also, check out the $5 foil price-ceiling that's about to crack...





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