Hidden Dragonslayer!


Today's card is Hidden Dragonslayer.

Don't expect too much from this guy, but $3.00 a card seems pretty likely given the abundance of big Eldrazis available in Standard and the strong surge in popularity of Hardened Scales.  He's a mid-game heavyweight, with threat removal and significant lifegain if used discriminately.  And, like Dragon Whisperer (see yeserday's article), Hidden Dragonslayer is a rare in a low[er]-print set.  Further, Dragons of Tarkir rotates with Magic Origins, not with Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged.  

The morph mechanic (never much beloved) got a huge boost in the Khans of Tarkir block.  It is now worth considering what the hell their 2/2 milk dud really is under there; there a lot of good morphs.

It's usually very informative to watch a card's price move over certain price points, perhaps the most important of all is the $1.00 price point.  If Hidden Dragonslayer did not have sustained demand (i.e. momentum), then the move over the $1.00 mark would have been more fraught.  We can see the price catching its breath right now, after breaking past $1.00 with only a little violence.  This suggests that the demand is strong, but don't expect a $2 spike anytime soon.  The minimum price is the most interesting aspect here, it doesnt' seem to have any doubt about which direction Hidden Dragonslayer is headed.

Definitely a standard spec, he's a little too slow and restrictive for anything else.  Get in below $1.50 soon and you're set for a potential of $3.00-$4.00 apiece by next Spring.  Don't go too deep, but he has plenty of time left in Standard.  




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