Hokori, Dust Drinker! (...12 year sleeper)


This old hoser?  A powerful standing effect on a vulnerable, little dumpling of a body for an extremely unsexy CMC of 4.

Hokori, Dust Drinker has been quietly gaining value for a couple of years now, after a full decade as cusp-of-bulk.

It's about to pop due to Eternal demand and the spirit renaissance precipitated by Spell Queller.

Non-foils are bubbling over the $4 mark and look poised to jump to a post-spike price of $8+ (over the next few months).  

Foils are about to jump from $15 to $30 or so, and will likely not find their way back down in next few years. 

Commander will likely reprint this fella the next time Wizards does a year with monocolor decks, due to his maturation in price.  Hard to fit him into Standard, anyway.  Pretty low reprint possibility for the short-medium term. 

NM condition will be a premium here, due to the potential use in Commander. 

Bottoms up,


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