Incoming Spikes (March 2017)

Welcome back!  Here we go:

Modern Masters Pact of Negation Foils.  Going from $45-$75 within the next few days, and 1-year prospects look like $100 apiece.  Future Sight foils already popped, they will remain the OG favorite, but Modern Masters version has identical art, and a better foil (I think).  MM17 whiffed on this reprint, so reprieved for another year or two?

Concordant Crossroads.  Legends copies just popped to $100.  The real action (at this point) is on the Chronicles copies around $6.  They're headed to an easy $12 within the next few weeks, and likely $20 within a couple years (think Sylvan Library price behavior).

Fold into Aether.  Sleeper combo card, juuusttt barely Modern legal.  Counter your own 0-or-1-cost spell (Pact of Negation, perhaps?) to plop an Emrakul or Griselbrand into play.  I think this is getting new eyes with the printing of Baral, Chief of Compliance (Aether Revolt).  Non-Foils could easily pop to $1.00 apiece within the year, but the real money here is in the Foils.  These can be scooped up from $1.00 apiece right now.  These could be headed to an easy $10 foil within the next few years if this deck catches fire, and this spec has virtually no downside.   


Nature's Will.  Classic foil price behavior shifting from 1st gear to 2nd gear, expect foils to explode from $10 to $25 within the next week or two.  This thing hasn't even seen Commander reprint, either, which is always a boon for Foils (expect that in this year's coming Commander)


That's it for today.

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