Introduction and Nightveil Specter

5D.JPG" style="height:123px; width:200px" />I've discovered a very nifty website,, that shows price trends of indivuals cards.  I've been sensing price spikes with great accuracy and capitalizing on them.  I've decided to start posting some leads on promising cards, as well as general market musings.  On occasion, I may include my purchase receipts for cards made through online websites to highlight these 'picks'.

Check back frequently to get price scoops from a Magic retailer and single speculator of 19 years!

A fine example was Nightveil Specter.  Above is the price data, with a vertical red line at the date I purchased 24 of these cards for $1.99 apiece.  I reasoned that these were spiking due to their interaction with devotion, a central mechanic in the then-just-released theros block.

Within 4 weeks, I resold all of them for about $7.00 apiece, a profit of over $100. It looks like they're jumping again, in the past couple days (not as large a jump).  

A further use of this blog is to coordinate buy-outs of price-jumping cards.  If I buy 24 of card X, because my budget only allows me to spend $50 on that card, but I spread the word about the cards imminent price-jump, further purchases from attentive readers will further decrease the online supply and increase the market price.  So obviously, I'll be making my purchases before I post about cards, but it's in my interest to post about them as soon as I buy them.   

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