Magewright's Stone! ...old Modern gem

This is an early Modern combo piece that has not broken out yet, but is teetering on the upper edge of bulk.  

I'm more interested in non-FOIL copies of this card than FOILs.  They can be scooped up for under $0.75 apiece right now.  Once this price breaks under the upward pressure, these will be an easy $1.50 apiece, and will eventually (in a couple years) crest up towards $5.00.   A Commander reprint (the most likely product to see this reprinted) would not destroy the price, but would certainly temper it.   NON-FOILs are short-mid-term holds.

FOILs under $5.00 are a pretty good pickup, too, and have more protection against reprint.  Foils broke out about a year ago, and might see a second swing up to about $20 within a year or two.  FOILs are long-term holds.



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