Mixed Bag of Firecrackers (April 2017)


First up today is Bitter Ordeal (single Future Sight printing).

This is spiking from $6 to $15+ within the next month or two, then settling down to around $12. The ongoing financial success of meta-removal cards like Pithing Needle, Jester's Cap and, especially, Cranial Extraction bode well for this card long-term. Foils are jumping from $15 to $40, then settling down to $30, in about the same timeframe (expect Foils to pop first). This is combo city, too, so lots of untapped interest. Still under the reprint radar, I think, even though a reprint was explicity promised with the card frame.

Stranglehold: Commander (single printing).

This is such a powerhouse in Commander.  Single printing, very low print run.  We're 7 (?) months out from the next possible reprint in Commander 2017, and it's a low likelihood even then.  This is jumping from $10 to $25, relaxing to $20, within the next month or two.  So much momentum here, a very big upward arc, indeed.

Quillspike (single Eventide printing):

This combos with Devoted Druid and it seems the zeitgeist just found out, as Devoted Druid is now a $6 common (too late on that one, online buyers).  This card has been waiting to explode for years, and the time has come.  Non-Foil Quillspikes are headed from $1.00 to $3.00+ within a few weeks.  Foils are headed from $5 to $20, then relaxing to $15 (Foils will go first).  Long-term, outlook is best on Foils.  I can see a Commander product reprinting this in a heartbeat, which always helps Foil versions.

Finally this week, an odd-ball Reserve List card that just found new, limited, relevance: Digeridoo  

Digeridoo is a dumb card, no wonder it's not going to be reprinted again.  This seems like crap (Boros Reckoner is only 3 CMC anyway) until: a 4- or 5-CMC minotaur Planeswalker gets printed in the second set in the Amonkhet block (The few Minotaurs included in Amonkhet are fueling interest in this card).  The Oracle Text for Didgeridoo reads "Put a Minotaur permanent card from your hand", so a Planeswalker is fair game.  Or, even more inevitable, a Rare or Mythic Changeling at 7+ CMC makes Didgeridoo crazy efficient (Changelings are Minotaurs, too).  This already saw a ridiculous spike back in 2013: my guess was it was riding the Boros Reckoner hype (remember when Boros reckoner was $15 for most of its time in Standard?).  Expect a similarly crazy spike eventually, and data indicates it could be soon.  Reserve List cards are hair-trigger.  You pretty much can't lose on a few of these at $2.00 apiece, as the next spike will likely keep them well above $5 here on out.  

That's it for today, folks.  

buy some cards,


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