Modern bloomers (May 2017)


Deflecting Palm

This card is so good.  Prime Sideboard, becoming a staple in Modern.  Non-Foils are jumping from $1.00 to $3.00 over the next month or so.  Foils are jumping from $5 to $15 over the same period, leading the non-Foil spike (per usual).


Shining Shoal

The Shoals have a long history of price spikes.  Some are banned in Modern (Burning Shoal is an EXCELLENT long-term spec, btw, low risk high reward in the case of an unban).  Even Sickening Shoal looks to soon feature its own first-ever price spike.  The Shoal du-jour is Shining Shoal, in its first-ever price spike!  Free spells will find a combo piece eventually....  Non-Foils are jumping from $2 to $5+ apiece within the next week, and Foils are headed to $20+, then falling to $15 (I actually can't find ANY Foils for sale online).


Relentless Rats

These just want to be $5 apiece sooo baaaadddd.  Foils have a ton of volatility, and are my target.  I'm expecting Foils to jump from $4 to $10 within a month or two.  Being unlimited in the number-per-deck, the supply is on a hair-trigger.  It's been printed at uncommon 4 times.  A reprint won't hurt, it would only help (unless, Galaxy Forbid it, Wizards announces Duel Decks: Shadowborn Apostles vs. Relentless Rats!).  If you've got the luxury of choosing your edition, go for the original Fifth Dawns and the 10th Editions.  


Forbidden Orchard

Wizards has recently gone Spirits-Crazy.  We're going to go back to Kamigawa eventually.  Commander 2016 opened this card, which was $8 before this commander printing, to a whole new generation of players.  Combo City.  Played as a 4-of.    I kind of like the CoK original version best (the art is coolest - little bramble-spirits!), but the data was clearest on this version, so I included its price data for clarity.  Non-Foils going from $4-$8 within a couple months, CoK foils are going from $15 to an easy $30 soon, too.  Expedition is pretttttyyy, and cheap now, going from $30 to $50 within the year.

That's all, folks,


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