Modern Dredge cards on the move!


Today I will be highlighting a few Dredge cards that are all seeing renewed interest in the Modern Format.

Dredge allows you to get a card from your graveyard back into your hand, at the cost of milling cards from your deck into your graveyard. This combines extremely well with the re-emergence of the Delve mechanic in the Khans of Tarkir Block, and likely will synergize with many cards not yet printed.  Further, it has a nice synergy with the Delirium mechanic from Shadows over Innistrad. 

I will keep commentary mostly quantitative for this post:

Dakmor Salvage was reprinted in Modern Masters (first printed in Future Sight).  Non-foils are jumping from $0.50 to $2.50 within the next few weeks.  Foils are jumping from $4 to $12 within the next few weeks.

Raven's Crime is a classic combo card with Dakmor Salvage, also first reprinted in Modern Masters (originally Eventide).  Non-foils are headed to $2 apiece and foils are headed to $8 apiece shortly.  Reprints will DESTROY the non-foil price, so unload non-foils before Conpsiracy and/or Eldritch Moon hit the scene.

Become immense is seeing play in Modern Infect.  This is longer-term spec, with Foils looking at $15 apiece in a couple years.  Non-foils are likely to to hit $1.50+ within the next 9 months.  Reprint likelihood is low.

Necroplasm is my kind of spec.  The Foils spiked to $10 a couple months back, confirming their competitive viability (to my mind), but the non-Foils are just starting to see movement.  Getting dozens of these at $0.35 apiece will be a great investment in several months.  Foils already spiked recently, they're settled down to around $5 apiece.  Steer clear of these unless you see some Foil price movement (it's inevitable - 2 years from now we'll be back at $12 foils, no problem), and even then don't buy in above $5.

Stinkweed Imp dredges well above its weight class.  The Foils are headed from $5 to $12 apiece, non-foils are going to max out at about $0.50 apiece.  Grab underpriced foils, don't bother with non-Foils.  Also, grab Ravnica copies (different art than Modern Masters, screaming for a Foil finish).





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