Modern Specs - December Edition

Hi all,

Focus, today, is on some Modern specs.

First card today caused my ears to prick up, back upon release in Khans.  I've been waching this card like a hawk, waiting for the right moment to buy in deep.  Now is the time.


The Ugin's Fate promo foil version of Altar of the Brood just popped over $10, signaling that the OGs are about to leave BULK status forever.  Non-foils at $0.50 or so, and Foils at $3.00 or so are excellent short and mid-term specs.  Foils are headed to $6 within 6 months, and $10 within 12 months.  Nonfoils will move from $0.50 to $1.50 within 6 months, to perhaps $2.00 within 12 months.  Pretty good long-term spec, too.  The time-frame of this buy-in with respect to the set's release date should be representative of lots of Standard-DOA but Eternal-playable cards.

Next card is an old speculation favorite of mine: Jace, Vryn's Prodigy.  I bought a foil copy back in Feb. 2016 at $90 when it was shooting up to $150.  I thought the Eternal demand would negate the post-standard rotation slump in large part, especially for Foil, especially for this card.  I was wrong, and barely made it out of that spec in the black.  But I learned a lesson: pretty much everything will be cheaper once it rotates out of standard, no matter how little Standard play it saw and no matter how much Eternal promise it holds.


Now is the right time for long-term speculation on Jace, Vryn's Prodigy.  These will hit $40 apiece within a couple weeks, and $60 apiece within 6 months.  Foils will find $150 again (they're only $50 now!) within a year or two.

Bojuka Bog has seen 3 Commander reprints since it's Worldwake debut, yet it's movnig upwards like it's a diamond popping from the rough.  There is HUGE demand on this card, folks.  This will not be improved upon in land form.  Foils are only to be found in Worldwake.  Get Foils at $7 or less (headed to $15+ within 12 months) and get Non-foils at $0.50 or less (headed to $1.50+ within 12 months).  


Last card today is, in retrospect, an obvious long-term spec:  Ajani Steadfast.   It's Ajani season (see: Aether Revolt), so why not?  Foils around $12 are the right buy at this point, after the seismic movement in the non-foil price from $5-$12.

Foils are headed to $25 short-term, $40 long-term.  Non-foils are unlikely to top $15 within the next 12 months.

That's it for today!  

Happy yules, ya'll.


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