Monastery Mentor!

Ok, so I suppose I'm late to the party with this spec.  

One my favorite decks in my arsenal is a Young Pyromancer / Gush Legacy deck.  It's highly versatile, feeds into lots of stand-alone and stackable combos.  The deck is just great fun, and highly effective.  The deck uses Young Pyromancer and small burn/control/effect spells to get lots of little tokens into play with which to throttle your opponent.  There are a million synergies with the effect, but I won't rehash and/or spoil them for you.  Brew this deck, it's a lot of fun.

The grandaddy of Young Pyromancer is Monastery Mentor.  The Mentor does everything Pyro does, but better.  Further, Pyro is played everywhere it's legal in its own archetype.  The only reason I don't have Monastery Mentor in that deck is due to its cost.  The additional 1 mana cost hardly matters except in early game, when Pyro can be played one turn earlier and therefore attack (himself and his minions) a turn earlier.  That's important in a burn deck, and I am not benching the Pyros once the Mentors jump in, but Monastery Mentory is much, much better late game.

I've had my eye on Monastery Mentor since his release in Fate Reforged, waiting for the right time to buy in.  Perpetual hope that it would sink to $7 or $8 late in Standard or upon rotation left me out of buying-in up until now.  I was waiting to profile this card until I was certain the lowest price was past us.  There will be no post-Standard doldrums of Monastery Mentory.  The price is heaving upwards and won't look back until reprint (unlikely in Modern Masters 2017).

Time's up to get these at "pre-Eternal" pricing.




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