Muonvuli Acid-Moss (say what?)

Mwonvuli Acid-Moss?  The hell?

Yeah, I had never seen this card before in my life.  But it's really good (efficiency and hidden power in a common slot) and it seems to have slipped under nearly everyone's radar.

It's a stone rain with a forest fetch for just one more mana.  Extremely efficient, and green has been locked out of land destruction in favor of red (and black) for years.

It's for Modern, Legacy and Commander.

Non-Foils are spiking from PURE BULK (<$0.25) or so up to over $1.00 apiece.  If you can find a big chunk of these for around $0.25 apiece or even $0.50 apiece, I'd say go for it.  I don't see these keeping much more than $2 apiece long-term, and a reprint is a sure thing (pretty flavored, though, so expect it in a Commander or Duel Deck).

Foils are where it's at, though.  There are a handful around online for about $5 each.  We're looking at an easy $15 in a few weeks.



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