Null Rod! going... going...

Null Rod is so basic. It stops moxen and lotuses. It's playable in pretty much any deck. It's quintessential sideboard.

I grabbed a bunch a year or so ago at market prices, anticipating an eventual bloom. It happened a few months back, then fell, but I think we've found the bottom of the fall, as you can seen from the graph (green in minimum, blue is median) and we're headed into a second price spike.  Get in on these under $10, don't be surprised if they hit $20-$25 on the next crest.  

And as a long-term hold, these are tough to beat, for one simple reason: Null Rod is on the Reserved List, never to be printed again (says Wizards).





...going ...going ...GONE!

...going ...going ...GONE! Null Rod is now a whopping $50 (less than 5 months after this article's posting).

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