Old staples about to pop (March 2017)


Today, I'm focusing on some older blue-chips that are on the verge of leveling-up.


Phyrexian Tower (Saga)

Very limited print run, Wastes being created put this on newer players' radar.  This is headed from $25-$40 within the next few weeks on it-being-too-good-and-too-rare demand.  

It's no Gaea's Cradle, but it's Power to be sure.  (Maybe one day, Shivan Gorge...).  One more round of Commander products, and FOOM this will be scheduled as an Eternal Masters 2020 Mythic.


Thoughtseize (Theros)

You knew this was coming eventually.  The Lorywn art will always be king, but Thoughtseize is way too good to stay at $12 apiece for more than a few years after reprinting.  The best value is on Theros copies.  Non-Foils are in the process of jumping from $10 to $25, you can still find them for $13 or so.  Theros Foils are headed from $40 to an easy $70, and likely $100 apiece within a couple years' time.  A playset of NM Foils will be easily fetching $300 within a year, and an eventual $400-$600 is not impossible.  Don't believe me?  The Lorwyn foils just recently popped from $150 to over $500 apiece.  Apiece!  

Maelstrom Pulse (Modern Masters and Alara Reborn).

Amonkhet "Invocations" is reprinting Maelstrom Pulse.  This will greatly increase its exposure to new players (and old), causing a surge of buying of the old copies.  The original printing is preferred, thought the Modern Masters foils might be better-Foiled than the Alara Reborn ones (not sure when the Foils got 'moderized' for the second time, anybody know?)  I think the Amonkhet "Invocations" look like complete garbage, like an entirely different game.  I think most players are going to pile-on to the original art.

Non-Foils are jumping from $10 to $20 within a month (unless this gets reprinted in Amonket as a non-Invocation, which I doubt), and foils are headed from $22 to $50.  This artwork is made for Foiling.  The Invocation art sucks.  

And, finally, observe:

If that doesn't make want to buy Foils of Lantern of Insight, you're in the wrong game.  $15 spiking to $100 and settling back down around $50.

I should charge admission...  Buy some cards! 



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