Ophiomancer! (...welcome back!)

Welcome back!

I took some time off for a vacation, a herniated disc, and some personal projects.  We're back to weekly or possibly twice-weekly updates.

Today's card is a Commander 2013 sleeper.  Great with a sac outlet, great in multiplayer, from a single printing with no foils, Ophiomancer is a classic small-batch spec.  Supply is low and rigid.

Expect these at an easy $4 apiece in 6 months' time.  Grab a chunk around $1.50 or less.  These won't go much above $4 or maybe $5 even in the mid-term due to the limited number of formats that want this card (Commander, essentially), but $1.50 --> $4.00 is a good swing in under a year, and these will be all over buy-lists once they really spike.

Reprint is a non-issue as long as you don't sit on them for more than a year or two.



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