Phenax, God of Deception!

The Gods are finally demanding tribute! 

Today's feature is Phenax, God of Deception.  (I'll get around to some of the other Theros-block Gods over the next couple of weeks).

Foils can be purchased at $15 each right now are looking $30 near-term (1 month) and $50+ mid-term (18 months).  These are wicked Mill Commanders, so Foil holds an extra premium.  Further, the enchantment creature background is delightful in foil.

Non-foils are about $5 as I write this, but will spike to $15, then fall to $12, over the next month or two and will be stable there for something like a year afterwards.  This will likely see more rounds of growths in years to come: this is a timeless card, especially as a Commander. 

Reprints seem quite unlikely in the near to mid-term and somewhat unlikely overall... I think more gods will come before reprints of the original 15 gods, and at that time I will sell the originals into the associated-content spike.



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