Phyrexian Tower! ...Urza's Saga blossoms

Today's card is Phyrexian Tower.  This is clearly a very powerful card, but it has been long overshadowed by its bigger Urza's Saga siblings, namely Tolarian Academy (so broken, watching for an unbanning in Legacy), Serra's Sanctum (legal in Legacy, which just saw a massive spike that was accurately predicted right here on The Speculator [here]), and, of course, Gaea's Cradle, no introduction required.

I checked in on this old timer due to its sister's recent price explosion, and sure enough:

Don't expect this to stop where it is, but it's probably not going much past $20 in the near-term.  Without a reprint, however, this will cruise to $30 within 18 months.  

Also, take note, above, of the very clear example of the price-ceiling effect.  You can see the pent up energy bubbling up underneath the $15 ceiling that eventually fails to hold this price down, and bursts (in the last couple of days).  The concave-up section of the minimum price (green) in the second half of 2015 was, in retrospect, a clear example of the price gathering its momentum before breaking through the $15 barrier.  I will call out examples of this behavior in future articles.

No Foils ever printed.  I smell a possible FTV FOIL reprint at some point in the future, and that would cripple the value for a few years, probably down to around $8-$10.  Phyrexian Tower, unlike it's siblings (excepting the weak-tea Shivan Gorge, who did get the FTV treatment), is not on the Reserved List.  I would keep a couple for play purposes (these are awesome) but unload these after the coming spike(s).  

Get in on these under $15 soon.  Grab NM copies.  Old cards like this, once they've experience a price spike, can demonstrate pretty strong price stratification among conditions, whereas pre-spike NM copies are not so hard to come by.  We're looking at Legacy and Commander demand here.  Don't go too deep, this is a bit niche.  Target exit price: $30. 






Market Pricing

TCG only has one of these, and it's not even in english!

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