Prognostic Sphinx, Courser of Kruphix


I just spent about $60 on these fellas, totally carved out the bottom of tcgplayer.  I have about 30 non-foils and 5 foils.  I love this card, hadn't seen it at all before I noticed its price spiking.  big blue bodies are usually overcosted --> this has unique abilities and seems undercosted.  Sleeper, indeed.


Wish I made my move on these sooner.  I don't have any, but I'm thikning about paying 'retail' (right now, $8.50-$9.50 apiece) for one of these (it fits nicely with a landfall deck I have).  Trade for these.  These remind me of Boros Reckoner, which had multiple price spike while in standard.


All for now, happy investing!


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