Reliquary Tower, Dissolve, Exotic Orchard

Thinking about grabbing a handfull of foils for about $4.00 each.   I can see foils at $8.00 each within 3-6 months, if they don't get reprinted before M14.  They can't print a better version of this effect on a land, can they?

Here's the same card, in its only other wide-release printing, in a slightly longer view...


I've been buying foils more lately, the market is smaller, therefore it's faster, and you can turnover higher value with the same number of sales.  

This is a staple, as long as {counterspell} stays gone.  As soon as Return to Ravnica block cycles out, I expect that this will become a workhorse for blue in standard.  Foils will probably stay below $10 for a long time, but I can see them standard-peaking around $6 ($3 now).

I expect to grab some foils of these guys.  With the ever-growing popularity of multi-player games (it has a built-in tendency to recruit new players), this card gets better and better and becomes, in some situations, better than Reflecting Pool (a staple at $10-20 for years, since Shadowmoor).

They Planechase 2012'ed this guy, so I would think they would give him a break for a few years before reprinting.  I like to know that I can expect at least 1 year before a reprint when I buy a card.





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