Scattershot Archer!

Scattershot Archer has a single printing.  It will be reprinted, maybe even into Standard.

It's likely getting a lot of recent interest due to the Spirit renaissance led by Spell Queller, but the trend has been in place for many months.  

I doubt Scattershot Archer will dodge reprinting for another 2 years.  I'm only marginally interested in the coming jump in Non-Foils from $0.10 --> $0.50 ... hard to cash out without taking more time than it's worth.  I'm not chasing quarters, even at a 5:1 return.

I'm interested in the Foils. Foils are jumping from $0.75 to $5+, and a couple years out (without a reprint in Foil) these could be a solid $10 apiece as a Modern sideboard piece.




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