Scrabbling Claws! ...all the better to ingest you, my dear

Today's card is an old sideboard oddity, just barely Modern legal, scrabbling its way up the price charts. 

The newfound interest in Scrabbling Claws is, in my estimation, related to the Ingest mechanic from Battle for Zendikar and (shortly) Oath of the Gatewatch, which uses exiled cards as fuel for spell effects.

These are a good thing to look out for in the future, in bulk bins, for they were exactly that less than two weeks ago.  Personally, I had never seen or heard of Scrabbling Claws, in all my years of magic. 

This suggests to us to use Wizard's Gatherer search to find other candidates for Ingest interaction, i.e. cards that exile cards.  I'll leave ya'll to that for now.  This should have happened months ago, in principle.

I see non-foils settling around $1.50-$2.00 after the current spike.  I'm looking to get a modest holding at $0.50-$0.75 apiece or so, but it's gotta be soon: the backwater retailers are draining out.

Foils already erupted, they'll settle down to around $12-$15 in a year or so, might well see another spike eventually.  Foil copies of Scrabbling Claws are not on my radar unless they are grossly underpriced ($6 or less right now), but are worth watching long-term.

Further, Scrabbling Claws is timelessly flavorful.  It is, to my knowledge, the only hand in magic, and it is just begging you to scrabble it around.




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