Silhana Ledgewalker!


Welcome back after a long hiatus!

Let's get back to some forecasts...

Silhana Ledgewalker is the next-best elusive nucleus for Green-White Auras in Modern after Slippery Bogle (which is now a $3.00 common, and a $20 foil).

I'm mostly interested in Foils here, as this is role-player common from a long-ago set.  You can scoop up Foils around $2.50 apiece, and they'll keep for years.  They'll spike to $15, then fall to $10 within the next few months, likely after a precursor non-foil spike.  This could be very easily Commander-ed, and they've yet to see a reprint after 10 years of being almost-on-the-radar, so I feel safer with the shinies.

However, non-Foils can be picked up under $0.50 apiece right now.  These are fantastic short-range "penny stocks", as they will likely jump to $1.50 apiece within the next couple of months.  Short-range to Mid-range pickup.



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