Spellskite! ...crab-bot just won't quit

Spellskite is about to gurgle upwards to $35, and then beyond.

I'm forecasting this moving quite a bit like Snapcaster Mage did.  This could easily go over $50 medium-term if no new reprint comes forth in the next year or two.  It's just so widely playable, and has demonstrated that it can reprinted without a collapse of value.  Indeed, this shrugged off it's first reprinting like it was nothing.   It was soaring upwards when it was reprinted in Modern Masters 2015.  It lost a dollar or two, for a month or two, then continued it's tiered ascent into all-time high prices.  It was perhaps the least negatively effected by the reprint of all rares in MM2015.

Duel decks and Event decks are the only immediate reprint worry here.  But considering the apparent robustness of Spellskite's demand, and the likelihood that it would be a 1-of in such a deck, a Duel Deck or Event Deck reprint would likely not cripple the price.  Plus, I think that this has a pretty good chance of being included in the next Modern Masters (2017, we suppose) as a rare again, with a similarly small suppression in price growth.  This supposition also gives 18 months to grow value and cash out.  

What's the ceiling on this card?  I think $50, unless it sees no reprint for several years and it continues to dominate Modern decklists in perpetuity.

But if you're serious about hording some Spellskites long-term, your best bet is to go with Foils.  Currently sitting (hardly moving, but upwards pressure on a perceived ceiling) at $35, Foil Spellskites (especially original New Phyrexia copies) will jump to $50-$60 within the next 6 months or so.  Without over-reprinting, Foil Spellskites could be fetching $100 apiece in a few years' time.  

This is such a good card: versatile, universal, useful, cheap to cast, hard to reprint.  I think this will prove to be a widespread Modern and maybe even a Legacy staple, much like a Snapcaster Mage or Vendilion Clique.  Get in now, and consider a long-term pick-up.

Fruitfully bound,


p.s.  Happy New Year!

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