Static Orb!

Static Orb is an old-school artifact power-sleeper with sideboard and specialty applications. 

Non-foils can be grabbed around $2.00 each now.  This is the end of the semi-bulk era for Static Orb.  

These will spike to $4-$6 shortly (a month) and pretty well peg that price, then experience slow long-term growth, until the possible reprint in Commander product.  This will move much like Defense Grid, or possibly even Sphere of Resistance (also showing big growth lately).  There are only two printings of this card (Tempest and 7th, with different artwork).  7th Edition is the better call: lower print volume, same art as the only available foil and 7th has the golden rarity in the expansion symbol, whereas Tempest does not.  

Having only two printings (both old) is an advantage in terms of growth in the near-term, a big spike is all but certain shortly.  But it is a disadvantage over the long-term due to non-robustness in the fact of future reprintings.  A card with many, many printings will shrug off reprintings (e.g. Lightning Bolt), whereas a card with a single printing may simply implode when first reprinted (Adarkar Valkyrie).

Foils are the right call here, in a big way.  The Foil demand will be entirely concentrated into the single 7th Edition printing.  Compare to Defense Grid: $30+ for foils grids now, and there are a couple foil options, not just one.  7th Edition Foils are about to explode in price.  7th Edition is the first core set to feature Foils, and is the lowest-print run Foils of them all (at least of base sets), and this is the only Foil version of Static Orb.  I would not be surprised by a $75-$100 price tag for Foil 7th Edition Static Orbs in a year.



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