Strionic Resonator!

This was a long-time coming.  

Strionic Resonator reminds me of Sundial of the Infinite (, in that it's weird Modern artifact technology that is breakable if built around.  It has high casual appeal, and an eternal appeal because new synergies will be printed in every new release - this only gets better with time.

There are some straggling Foils in the marketplace that can be scooped up around $6 or so.  Foils will spike to $15+ within the next month or so, and never look back. $30 is the likely 3-year price-tag for Foil Strionic Resonators.

Non-Foils have solidified up through $2.00 apiece.  I can't see these holding much above $5.00 apiece for non-foils, even in the medium term, so the upside here in somewhat limited.  If you don't have any, they're worth getting some: they're good and, more importantly, they're very fun.  They are great in Commander, due to the high likelihood of your Commander sporting a rockin' triggered ability.



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