Tempt with Discovery, Tempt with Vengeance!

Tempt with Discovery and Tempt with Vengeance are exploding under dawning awareness as to how good they are in multiplayer magic.  These are also assumed to be safe from reprinting until November 2016 at the earliest, with the next wave of Commander products, and even then, there seems a slim to moderate chance at best.  This is a casual and combo dream, with some latent power, and it's the kind of thing that really takes seeing it work convince you of how good it is.  This is a common theme among good multiplayer-interacting cards: they are harder than most cards to simulate their effect in a thought experiment, and therefore their demand lags behind where it "ought" to be.   

Get these at pre-spike prices online and at local gaming stores, this just happenned and may go farther.  The shape of this trend seems like demand breaking supply's back in a casual way, and only now is the buyout starting.

So jump on these pretty hard.  These will see $10 and $5, respectively, within a few days.



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